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Global Ukraine


International Organization “Bridge Ukraine-EU” was created with the purpose to consolidate common ideas of NGOs of different activities and political forces both European and Ukrainian. The main idea of a union is to build progressive, European and democratic society in Ukraine.


  • Development and strengthening of cooperation of Ukrainian NGOs, democratic political forces, politicians and public figures with international organizations in Europe;
  • Promotion ofinternational unification efforts of European and Ukrainian democratic political forces, politicians and non-governmental organizations for the protection of human dignity at the level of the individual and society, protection of democratic rights and freedoms;
  • Promotion of European democratic values in Ukraine;
  • Opposition to any form of violence that lead to the neglect of human dignity, oppression of democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion;
  • Promotion of the integration of democratic political parties and public organizations of Ukraine in international organizations of Europe;
  • Promotion of the implementation of international environmental programs aimed at improving the environmental situation in Europe and worldwide. Active promotion of the development and implementation of alternative energy sources;
  • Opposition to ethnic hatred and racial discrimination;
  • Combating trafficking and promotion of gender equality in Ukraine.


  • Support the development and strengthening of mutual understanding and cooperation of government agencies and political parties with peacekeeping, humanitarian, environmental, non-governmental, public and other organizations, associations and movements of the world, on the basis of universal, spiritual and cultural values, to implement the goals and objectives of the organization;
  • Promote the establishment of peace and social harmony, mutual respect, friendship and equal cooperation between peoples of European countries;
  • Study public opinion, conduct sociological research and polls, hold public and other events in accordance with applicable law;
  • Examine, compile and analyse international experience of combating unfair elections, oppression of democracy, extremism, violence and cruelty;
  • Promote the prevention of extremism, violence, unfair elections, oppression of democracy,freedom of speech and freedom of religion by raising public awareness and social influence on legislative and governmental organizations;
  • Participate in establishing and maintaining social, humanitarian and business contacts between governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Promote the spiritual and cultural education of young people in the direction of humanism, democratic values, and non-violent way of life, human dignity (including through the implementation of educational, sports, rehabilitation, information, cultural and other programs actively involve young people in the activities of the Organization and in implementation of its goals and objectives);
  • Interact and contribute to the unification with international organizations, civil society, governmental, political, religious and other organizations and citizens of all countries, in matters relating to the implementation of the goals and tasks of the Organization;
  • Conduct national and international meetings, exhibitions, concerts and charity auctions, contests, educational, cultural, scientific , sporting and other public events;
  • Implement the dissemination of information about the activities of the Organization, its goals and attitudes, contribute to the formation of public opinion on issues related to goals, tasks and main activities of the Organization;
  • Provide comprehensive support to members of the Organization and its partners, representing and protecting the interests and ideas that unite them.