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Who are we ?

OUB is a non-profit organisation, established in 1948 in order to unite Ukrainian women who had immigrated to Belgium, and to defend their interests.

OUB has three local antennas in Brussels, Liege and Antwerp

Tasks of OUB:

  • Assist independent Ukraine by all means available

  • Cultivate the feeling of unity, historic continuity and preserve the cultural heritage of Ukrainian people

  • Preserve Ukrainian identity

  • Establish and maintain contacts with international women’s organisations, represent Ukrainian women and defend their interests.


Nowadays, OUB is concentrating its efforts on providing humanitarian aid to the wounded during the military conflict in the East of Ukraine as well as to the children without parental care.

OUB organises cultural events, thematic evenings, marches, manifestations, takes part in fairs, expositions, festivals.

We invite all Ukrainian women in Belgium to join us!  

Unity is strength!     

Our web-site : http://www.o-u-b.com