SWIFT removal of Russia

Alliance4Europe and Promote Ukraine invite you to demonstrate at Rond Point Schuman for a "SWIFT removal" of Russia from banking payment systems and in support of Ukraine.
Dear supporters of freedom, democracy, the free market and the rule of law! You know that it is highly important to cut off Russia from the SWIFT system. We ask the EU to use its economic might and ban Russia rapidly from the SWIFT payment system. We know it will put your energy provision at risk and hurt your exporters, but it will also show Putin and his oligarchs - and all Russians using Visa or AmEx - that war and trade do not mix. We are sure that Europe can stand the economic blow better than the creaking and less diversified Russian economy.
During the weekend, all vetoes to the SWIFT ban were removed, so now is the time to act swiftly. Please, urge France to take the lead and ask SWIFT to act.
Join our demonstration: Ukrainians, EU citizens and other Europeans should ask together for a "SWIFT removal" of Russia from XXIst century economy. Bring your national and federalist flags to show the diversity of support.
When: February 28th, 17:00
Where: Rond-Point Robert Schuman, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgique