Donbas beyond the Headlines: Lecture & discussion with Serhij Zhadan

Four years have passed after the events on the Maidan, “the Revolution of Dignity” and the Russian aggression which took place in the eastern Ukrainian regions. However, the country is still in turmoil. Continuously, we are confronted with reports of fighting along the contact line, at which deaths are still documented on a daily basis. The media reports on processes of political reconciliation and tactical decisions of both parties involved. At the same time the media focuses mainly on international diplomacy as regards the coverage of the events. But what does it actually mean to live in close proximity to the conflict line? How are the people holding up, who weren’t able to flee, or didn’t want to? How does their everyday-life look like and how do they manage their lives and the daily struggles, caused by living in a war zone?

The renowned author and poet Serhij Zhadan takes a close look at the reality of the lives of people in the Ukraine since its independence. Special attention is devoted to Donbas, his home region. His latest novel “The Orphanage” is regarded as the biggest success of his published works with regard to this topic and thus, the translation was honoured with the prize of the book fair in Leipzig in March 2018 and is on the leaderboard of the SWR and ORF. For his novel "The Invention of Jazz in Donbass", he received several awards: the Swiss literary prize called "Jan Michalski Prize for Literature", the Brücke-Berlin Literary and Translator Award in 2014, as well as the BBC-Award "Book of the Decade".

Simultaneous interpretation into German, English and Ukrainian will be available. The panel discussion will be followed by a reception.

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